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Spin Electronics
Tomasz Błachowicz is Professor at Silesian University of Technology (SUT) in the Institute  of Physics.

In September 1989 he joined the Institute in Gliwice. There, he was given the responsibility of organizing a Brillouin Spectroscopy Laboratory.

After completing PhD in physics, obtained in January 1998 from Department of Mathematics and Physics, Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, his main research interests spread out into following topics: elastic and magnetic phenomena in low-dimensional superlattices, magnetic anisotropies, magnetization reversal, and nanoelectronics.

Today, these topics, after completing habilitation degree, given in June 2004 from Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, University of Gdansk, are realized  experimentally, theoretically or by the use of the 'third' way - the computer modeling of nanostructured spintronics phenomena at the mesoscopic level. In July 2008 he joined the Editorial Board of the Central European Journal of Physics in the Condensed Matter Physics. From September 2009 he is Deputy Director for Science in the Institute of Physics at Silesian University of Technology.
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Tomasz Błachowicz
Dr hab., Professor at SUT
Institute of Physics
Center for Science and Education
Silesian University of Technology
Konarskiego 22B str.
44-100 Gliwice
phone: +48 32 237-20-71,
fax: +48 32 237-17-78
e-mail: Tomasz.Blachowicz(at)polsl.p

Magnetic Materials at Nanoscale
Optical Spectroscopies