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Spin Electronics
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Magnetic Materials at Nanoscale
Optical Spectroscopies
Bilateral Grant "Simulations of magnetic systems and magneto-optic measurements" with Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Professor Partnership Grant from Nvidia Corporation - begun in 2011: Developing of CUDA-based scientific parallel computations (C2070, 5xC1060 hardware)

2 P03B 038 16 Polish State Committee for Scientific Research Grant:
Experimental analysis of elastic constants dispersion relations in the piezoelectric crystals of similar crystallographic symmetry - theoretical analysis based on the coherent states formalism

7 T11B 052 20 Polish State Committee for Scientific Research Grant:
Investigations of quantum effects in low-dimensional, metallic Co/Cu structures by Brillouin laser light scattering

T11F 015 26 Polish State Committee for Scientific Research Grant:
Investigation of magnetization dynamics in low dimensional ferromagnetic structures using computer cluster and parallel computing methods

Silesian University of Technology habilitation grant:
Spintronics - analysis of an exchange-bias effect in thin layers

V FPEC Project of Centre of Excellence in Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Interfaces and Sensors - CESIS, under the Contract: G6MA-CT-2002-04042.
Ophthalmology micro-image multispectral (24 channels) analysis system - in cooperation with Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology (Bytom branch).
Setup for photoluminescence measurements from semiconducting surfaces
The magmain cluster for massive parallel scientific computations (MPI, CUDA technologies): 20 x i7 cores, 80GB RAM. Main application: micromagnetic simulations (Magpar).
Setup using Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect in a diffracted regime (DMOKE) for analysis of patterned ferromagnetic nanostructures (3 configurations: polar, longitudinal, perpendicular); in collaboration with M. Procek.
Self-designed and constructed research systems